DSLR Lens DIY Cleaning Experience: A Rookie Mistake

DISCLAIMER: Mengingat peminat fotografi cakupannya sudah dunia, maka saya akan menulis post ini dengan bahasa yang diakui UNESCO sebagai bahasa internasional: English. So, if by any chance you notice grammar mistakes in my post and that’s tingling you, feel free to remind me on the commentary box. Or if you found it but you just don’t care enough, just enjoy.

The best foolish experience is the one that can still bring out an useful insight for the others

–quote by me, created just a minute ago.

Unsurprisingly, this quote is what brought me to document this foolish experience on my blog, even though my credibility as an intelligent human being is at stake. But yes, I do this because I know, someone out there, some rookie photographer like me might still wondering about how to clean that teeny tiny fungus of his/her lens DIY-way because they are simply got no enough money or just being extremely frugal to take the lens to service center. Maybe they’re just being curious. Well, congratulations buddy, you’ve found the right article!

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