Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) Real Time Graph!

So I tried this project two weeks lately when I’m on my Ramadhan holiday in Bogor…

FSR feat Arduino and Matlab

I’m in.. umm.. what should I call it, maybe, a Rocketry Group in my college. Frankly I don’t know since when I’m interested in rocketry but right now I’m freakin’ looooove all of rocket thingies and I love all of my friends in HMR-RAISE (that’s the name of the group). They’re very unique,  some of them are freaks, and religious too. We like to launch our rocket in a high and quiet place–let’s call it forest–so we have spend a lot of time together.

Okeh. Nearly out of topic.

So, this stuff is for testing motor rocket performance (a thing that makes the rocket moves, like engine in car). If you want to build a rocket, you must consider how fast this rocket can get? To answer that question, you must consider how much force the motor can give.

Rocket motor, burns a fuel called proppelant inside, producing rapid fluid flow to the outside that generates some force backward. As Grandpa Newton said, action equals to reaction, so the rocket motor reacts to moves forward, which called ‘Thrust’.

This FSR will (the square shaped one which my brother press it, on video) act as sensor to detect the force that press it. Later the rocket motor will be located near the FSR (of course the FSR will be located in the test stand first), then how much force in time that the motor rocket can give, will be recorded on my laptop via Matlab. Voila! Finally I will have a graph of my rocket motor’s performance then me and my group will have intense consideration about our rocket design.

Betewe this project hasn’t really finished because the time axis still not very right. But I’m new and sucks to Matlab and kinda bored of this project so I put it on the blog, write about it, hope this could give a clue. Blahhh.

Pusing ga? Mudah-mudahan gak pusing ya. Apalagi saya nulisnya pake basa Inggris yang belepotan. Kok tumben? Ya siapa tau aja ada orang bule yang liat terus dia jadi ngerti. Terus dia seneng. Hah! Apaan sih.


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